What is Mass Transit?

Mass Transit is a system of transportation available for use by the general public, typically managed on a schedule, operated on established routes, with a posted fee for each trip.  Examples of mass transit include city buses, trolleybuses, trams, rapid transit (metro/subway/underground, etc.) and ferries.

What are the benefits of Mass Transit?

Freedom to schedule when you want.

With Mass Transit, you have all the information about routes and times well in advance.  This gives you the freedom to schedule your trip around your own timetable, and lets you know your itinerary well in advance.

Dependable, reliable transportation.

With a well-established Mass Transit program, you’ll experience fewer delays in your transportation.  City buses, light rail, and other rapid transit are not as affected by traffic or other road conditions, and can often take advantage of toll routes or HOV lanes, helping to get you where you need to go more quickly.

Utilize community driven resources.

It’s no secret that Mass Transit helps a community to grow.  Not just by making services like doctor’s offices and grocery stores more accessible to more people, but by helping invest back in the communities that they serve.  Every $1 invested in public transportation generates $4 in economic returns.


A person can reduce their chances of being in an accident by more than 90% simply by taking mass transit as opposed to commuting by car.  In fact, traveling by public transportation is ten times safer per mile than traveling by car.

How can I start scheduling my trips?

In order to help get you where you need to go, National MedTrans uses a Mass Transit PCard Program.  The Mass Transit PCard Program is a prepaid debit card that will allow our agents to schedule your trip like normal (in order to calculate the cost of your transit pass) and then mail you a prepaid debit card powered by Optum Financial.

You then take this debit card to your local transportation authority—whose address can be found by viewing the links on this page—and purchase your pass.  Also! You’ll want to hang on to your card for any future trips, as the card can be refilled by National MedTrans without having to mail a new PCard to you each time you require transportation.

Step 1

Call in to let us know the day and time of your appointment.  Keep in mind, in order to receive your PCard with enough time to purchase your transit pass, you must call National MedTrans 7 business days in advance, to allow time for your card to arrive in the mail. The phone number for your specific health plan can be located by clicking the link and selecting your state here.

Step 2

Once your Mass Transit PCard has arrived in the mail, you’ll need to head to your local transit authority to purchase your passes.  A list of locations is available on this page, just select your city and you’ll be directed to where you can buy transit passes.  Keep in mind, your PCard will not work at any location other than those that have been approved to provide your passes.  

Step 3

Take your trip!  Once you’ve made it to the doctor and back, hang on to your card.  The next time you call in to schedule your appointment, we’ll just refill the card you already have, rather than mail you a new one.  If you already have a PCard, and that card is not expired, you will not need to give us the additional 7 business days advance notice, and can schedule your trip using the regular policy for your health plan.


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