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Who are we?

National MedTrans is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH), and is focused on managing non-emergency medical transportation benefits.

What does this mean? It means we coordinate transportation for individuals who do not have an alternative means to get to their medical appointments.  Be it by ride-hail, taxi, wheelchair van, or ambulance, we ensure that our members get to the right place in the right vehicle.

We are growing at an incredible rate as we expand across the United States to serve managed care organizations covering Medicare and Medicaid programs, including children, special needs, and long term services and supports.

What is “Move Up”?

Our Move Up initiative is focused on hiring at least 20% of our necessary workforce from those currently supported by public assistance.   These are some of the very same members we are serving, and we see tremendous value in helping our communities, and the individuals that make them up, advance both personally and professionally.  

Our greatest challenge in accomplishing this goal is having a large enough pool of applicants.  For that reason, we seek to connect with community groups, faith-based organizations, and governmental agencies that can help us identify and recruit potential candidates.

UnitedHealthcare offers a competitive pay package and employee benefits, which may include fully funded employer health insurance.  Additional benefits such as 401K plans, dental, vision, and even pet insurance are quite generous.

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