As an NEMT provider, we understand the importance of a symbiotic relationship with our broker partners. We truly value our partnership with National Medtrans. Their mission is to “Transport their members to better health” and they certainly do that. They are dedicated to the task of making sure every one of their members gets the best possible service. We have been working with them since their inception in 2005, and their rapid growth and success is no surprise to us. We hope to grow with them in the future as well.

I believe that good communication is an important key to all good partnerships. This is where I believe NMN excels over their competition. They keep us informed of their expectations, upcoming changes and possible issues on a regular basis. Since no long term relationship can be completely trouble free, there are bound to be problems along the way. If I have a question or a problem, I can just pick up the phone or send a quick e-mail, confident that I will receive a quick response. They make me feel that my issue is important to them and I know it will be addressed.

Since 2011 we have been transporting your patients and have watched our business grow exponentially. MZZZ LLC d/b/a Sterling Ambulette would never have been able to get to the point where we are today without National Medtrans’ assistance. Your staff is probably the easiest group of people to deal with. Everyone has been nothing but helpful. MZZZ LLC looks forward to the continued growth with National Medtrans.

Smile Transportation started working with National Medtrans Network for just a few months as a company. Prior to Smile, I helped operate another ambulette company in NMN’s network. Working with NMN made me want to go out and buy my own company. NMN is devoted to their members and providers. They are devoted to providing reliable and timely transportation to their members. Their customer service department is outstanding. Members are able to communicate with NMN’s staff in a multiple of languages. When you call NMN you are able to speak with someone LIVE and have immediate assistance. We look forward to expanding our current business with them.

We have been working with NMN since they started working with Centerlight. The transition has been great! NMN has done a great job with keeping our members with us and making it as smooth as possible for both members and providers. Over the past year we have watched our business grow with them. We are extremely pleased. We look forward to working with NMN and their other insurance payors.