Provider claims, provider payments, trip authorizations, and attestations are all handled online through the same portal, increasing claim payment accuracy and reducing costs. Because much of the claim information is already stored in the portal, claims are more accurate, with fewer opportunities for fraud, waste, or abuse. No trip is paid without having been adjudicated by our system. Drivers and transportation providers can use their smartphones to complete a trip at the touch of a button. With features like geo-stamping, trip validations, and fully configurable authorizations, the health plan can ensure that they are not paying for trips that have never been authorized. If the trip matches up with the trip order, time of delivery, location, and the mileage is validated, the trip can be quickly attested and fall directly into the payment queue. The ease and efficiency of SmartAdjudicate allows for drivers to pay more attention to the members and reduce administrative billing and reconciliation efforts. This drives provider quality and builds trust in the revenue cycle for these key care delivery partners.