SmartControls is the rules-based engine that allows health plans to customize every aspect of their transportation benefits. These detailed controls related to member benefits, mileage, modes of transportation, population management, authorizations, and all the other plan nuances are easy to configure and track to ensure that costs are kept down and that the member’s benefits are administered correctly. With SmartControls, plan changes are scalable and measurable to allow for enhanced creativity and greater clinical penetration with specific member populations, modes of transport, or geographic dynamics. For example, if a health plan wanted to add 4 trips per month to the grocery store to one benefit plan, an administrator would simply click the “Add+ Grocery” button in SmartControls, select the number of trips, identify which benefit plan or population gets the benefit, and click “Apply”. Changes are made immediately and access to real-time reporting allows the plan to quickly see the impact of the change in the benefit. This feature can help health plans identify opportunities and use that vital information for strategic and clinical planning.

Because the authorizations for member benefits are configured and programmed directly into SmartControls, members are never left in the dark about what is or isn’t covered. Members are informed during the scheduling process whether a trip is authorized by their plan, instead of having to wait for denial letters to be sent in the mail.