What’s New

  • Quick Attestation
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Cancel at the Door
  • Built-in Maps and GPS
  • Payment Term Incentives


Logging In

Logging into the provider app is simple. All it takes is entering your driver code, your designated password, and the name of the provider you work for.

Easy Attestation

The easy-to-navigate home screen provides quick access to view, attest, and monitor all assigned trips. Using e-signature technology, drivers can attest to trips right in the app.

Member Maps

Finding a member’s location is now easier than ever with the Member Maps feature. On the Attestation page, the “Get Map” button activates GPS navigation and will automatically input the driver’s current location and members pickup address as well as calculate the fastest route and ETA.

Live Chat

The Frances Provider mobile app allows providers to chat with and maintain communication with the Provider Relations team in real time.

Click to Call

Want to speak with the MedTrans Concierge Team? Just a click on the home screen will put you right in touch with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

How It Works

Download and Register

To download the mobile app, determine the platform of the preferred device, Android or iOS, and select the appropriate link located at the top of this page. Although you may be asked to enter credentials to download, the application is free to use.


Upon your company signing up with National Medtrans, each driver receives a unique driver code.  To receive your provider code, contact provider relations.

Logging In

After downloading the app and registering, login credentials will be given to each driver.

These login credentials consist of:

  • Driver Code
  • Password
  • Provider Name

For convenience, an option to remember the login credentials is available.

Select “Login” to proceed.

Navigating the Home Screen

Upon logging in, the home screen is displayed.

The home screen consists of the following

  • View Schedule — See trips assigned to you, and attest completed trips.
  • Settings — Update or change your profile settings. This is also where you will add or edit your electronic signature.
  • Messages — View conversations and compose messages.
  • Call Concierge — Don’t worry about switching apps to find the concierge phone number. From your home screen, select “Call Concierge” and the number can be dialed directly from the app.
Add/Edit Personal Signature

Drivers will use their signature to attest trips upon completion. Because this may become a tedious process, the mobile app allows drivers to save their signature in their profile to streamline attesting trips in the future.


To add or edit your signature, select “Settings” on the home screen then select signature. The screen should look like the photo on the left.

Use your finger to sign the field and when you are finished select “Save”. If you need to start over, select “Erase”.

Viewing Trips

To view trips assigned to you, select “View Trips” and you will be able to filter your view based on your preferences.

Two-Way Messaging

The Frances Provider mobile app allows providers to chat with and maintain communication with the Provider Relations team in real time.


Select ‘Messaging’ or select the two bubbles in the upper right hand corner to either check messages, or create a new message to ‘Customer Support’. Type and send and you will receive an answer momentarily without needing to call in!

Attestation and Member Signatures

Your personal signature is basically your digital autograph. Drivers will use their signature to attest to trips upon completion and members will use a signature to confirm completed trips.

Although drivers are granted a ‘Default Driver Signature’, a member is not and must sign using their finger in the ‘Patient’s Sign’ field. Members should also leave a star rating and the driver can press ‘Save’ upon completion.

Release Notes

Version 1.4

February 28, 2018

  • General bug fixes
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Messaging capability added
  • Signature feature added