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Registering into the mobile app is as simple as selecting ‘Register’ at the bottom of the login screen and inputing the necessary information.


Logging into the Member app is simple. All it takes is entering your registered email, and password.

Home Screen

The easy-to-navigate home screen provides quick access to schedule rides, request a return, view scheduled trips, and message or call trip scheduling representatives.


The settings screen allows you to insert payment info, change your password, and logout of the app.

Request Ride

Scheduling a ride is now easier then ever with the request a ride feature. This feature will guide you through simple steps that will ensure you schedule a ride to your appointment.

Request Return

Do you need a return ride from you appointment? Simple tab the ‘Request Return’ button to schedule a ride from your current appointment.

Scheduled Rides

Want to speak with the MedTrans Concierge Team? Just a click on the home screen will put you right in touch with one of our Customer Service Representatives.


Want to contact the MedTrans Concierge Team? On the home screen you can tap the ‘Message’ button to text or tap ‘Need further assistance?’ at the bottom of the home screen to put you right in touch with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

How It Works


To download the mobile app, determine the platform of the preferred device, Android or iOS, and select the appropriate link located at the top of this page. Although you may be asked to enter credentials to download, the application is free to use.

Upon registering, each member should have received a unique member ID.  To receive your member ID contact your insurance company.

After downloading the app and registering on the app, you should have your credentials set up.

These login credentials consist of:

  • Email
  • Password

For convenience, an option to remember the login credentials is available.

Select “Login” to proceed.

Home Screen/Settings

Upon logging in, the home screen is displayed.

The home screen consists of the following:

  • Request Ride — Schedule trips to medical and non-medical appointments (As approved by case manager)
  • Request Return — Activate the return to your initial pick up location
  • Scheduled Rides—View information about past, current, and future trips.
  • Messages — View conversations and compose messages.
  • Need Further Assistance? — Don’t worry about switching apps to find the concierge phone number. From your home screen, select “Need Further Assistance” and the number can be dialed directly from the app.

The setting screen consists of:

  • Insert Payment Method— Add and manage payment cards for trips that are not covered by your insurance plans.
  • Change Password — Change your current password
  • Logout-Sign out of the app
Request Ride

Members will be able to use this screen to schedule trips to and from their appointment.  Once a member selects their benefit type, you can select your Mode of Transportation; car, wheelchair van, or ambulance.


Simply select the icon with the type of transportation that meets your needs. Then follow the prompts on the screen to indicate where you would like to be picked up, home or appointment location. Confirm your address and pick a time.

Request Return

When a member is ready to be picked up to go back to their initial pick up location they can simply hit the request return button on the home screen.

Scheduled Rides

The Frances Provider mobile app allows members to confirm trips,  see today’s trips, past trips, and future trips. scheduled.  It also allows the member to communicate with the transportation provider in real-time. Members can also get a status of their upcoming trip with the ETA function.


Select “Scheduled Rides” to get to the “Today” screen.  From there you can select “Get ETA” to get updates on the arrival of your car. You can also send your driver messages from this screen, review past or upcoming trips or see trip confirmations.


The Frances Provider mobile app allows providers to chat with and maintain communication with the Provider Relations team in real time.


Select ‘Messaging’ or select the two bubbles in the upper right-hand corner to either check messages, or create a new message to ‘Customer Support’. Type and send and you will receive an answer momentarily without needing to call in!

Release Notes

Version 1.4

February 28, 2018

  • General bug fixes
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Messaging capability added
  • Signature feature added