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In this page is where you can reject trips that you can’t take and accept those that you can take. There’s no need to select County, Mode of transport or members, name, just Simply select the desired date range or select the box


This is your daily driver’s book, Here’s a key that highlights trips that need to be Confirmed, Cancelled or trips from the Marketplace. Clicking on the Confirm bubble that you’ve seen a change in the trip prior to downloading the manifest. You can also edit the manifest with your drivers and vehicle along with their pickup/ dropoff times.


Where you can accept last minute trips into your Manifest.


This page is a Managerial/Administration function and will populate with all open trips.


In the EOP page is also where you can submit an appeal such as Cancel Payment.


The appeals page will score the generated report and allow the provider to export to Excel.

How It Works



Trips are dispatched 24-48 hours in advance and will populate this page before the trip and Providers can accept or reject those trips.

1. Please accept trips in a timely manner, as unaccepted trips require re-routing.

2. Select a date range to search for assigned trips. There is no need to select the MOT or the County. The select all trips is not functioning.

3. Trips must be individually accepted. Once accepted, the trips will transfer to the Manifest Page for the corresponding date of service. ore the appointment, advise the member that the provider has



1. Search the date ranges to view the desired dates.

2. Download to the CSV for additional trip detail that’s not displayed on the screen and upload the CSV to your software.

3. Updated/Cancelled trips are highlighted yellow for updated and brown for Cancelled.

4. Confirming trips will give you the most updated trip info.

5. Before entering pickup times click on the word Edit to input inside the details into the fields and Update to save the entered data.

6. You can assign the drivers and vehicles to the members by clicking on Edit to enter, then click Update to save the information. The required Wait Time is 15 min.

Action Needed


1. To view trips that need to be re-confirmed because of a change of time, address, MOT, etc. you will select the orange card that is titled “Action Needed”.

2. A list of trips will appear with the changed detail highlighted in yellow.

3. You will select the trips that you agree to accept.

Member Ready


1. To view trips that have members that are ready to be picked up you will select the green card that is titled “Member Ready”.

2. A list of trips will appear that are associated with members that are ready to be picked up.

3. You will select and confirm the trips that you agree to accept.

Market Place


This page allows providers to take extra trips that are not assigned.

2. To accept a trip click the “Accept” button on the row associated with the trip details.

2. To select multiple trips at once select the checkbox for the trips you want to accept and then click the “Accept Trips” button on the top row

3. Accepted trips will transfer over to the manifest for the day of the trip.



Attestation is the electronic billing or invoicing of trips. This page is a Managerial/Administration function and will populate with all open trips

1. Cancel trips prior to using the functions on this page.

2. Make sure that you allow pop-ups in your internet browser.

3. To attest a trip, select the date range for the trips you want to attest.

4. We recommend that you attest to trips within 24 – 48 hours to keep payment regular.

5. Click on the green “Attestation” button to complete the online billing.

6. Follow the steps until the screen states “Trips submitted successfully”



The EOP page has 4 main functions

Check Number Allows the provider to search our database with the check number that was received. Allow 5-6 business days for the newly posted check to be uploaded.

Date of Service or Paid Date Gives a payment status for each trip during the selected dates.

Initiate RequestAllows the provider to generate a report to be appealed.

Download Excel-Download a spreadsheet with the payment information for the trips with the selected date range.



The appeals page will score the generated report, allow providers to view the status of appeals generated, and allow export the details to a spreadsheet. Appeals should be electronically submitted for faster processing.

1. To download a spreadsheet with the reports generated on the page click the “Download Excel” button.

2. To appeal a trip click the “Appeal” button in the row with the trip details.

3. To view additional appeal details for a trip click the plus button next to the trip ID to expand the details.

Release Notes

Version 1.4

February 28, 2018

  • General bug fixes
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Messaging capability added
  • Signature feature added