We are doing great things every day here at National MedTrans, and take pride in our employees and their hard work. We often have experiences or hear stories that makes us say “WOW!” We don’t want these experiences to go unnoticed, and have created this page to highlight individuals in our organization that are setting the standard for what exceptional member experiences should be, each and every time.

Join us in celebrating our commitment to the ultimate member experience and read about this month’s, and prior month’s, member experience highlights.

Highlight of the Week

Jeremy C.

Jeremy C. has been with the Orem office since March 2018. He recently helped get a next day trip set up for a 105 year old member. The members daughter called and wasn’t aware that next day trips require 48 hour notice. Jeremy was able to gently teach her the importance of the 48 hour policy, but was still able to arrange transportation for the next day. The member was so excited when he got the appointment and he vowed to follow the 48 hour policy. The daughter told Jeremy that he made her day with his patience and knowledge and that she really appreciated all of his help.

Congratulations to Jeremy C. for being our WOW! Experience Highlight of the Week.

Highlight of the Month

Basava R.

Basava R. has been with the Ronkonkoma office since March 2018. He had a member call in for his initial Lyft pick up. The member is legally blind and normally has a hard time finding his driver. Upon hearing the about the members situation, Basava stayed on the phone with the member and the driver until he was picked up. The member was extremely appreciative and said “Basava really helped me out so that I would be on time to my appointment”.

Congratulations to Basava, our June WOW! Experience Highlight of the Month.

Previous WOW Highlights

January 2018

Destiny has been with the Sandy office since April 2017. She recently worked on a trip for a member from a pilot program that we are currently doing. The pilot offers temporary housing for those who need it. This particular member and his family needed a place to stay because their home had burned down. She spent over 5 hours going back and forth with our client services team, the case manager, the member, the member’s daughter, and the driver to ensure this was handled well. She refused to let the member and his family be left in the dark about their living situation. When the address seemed incorrect, she verified repeatedly with the case manager that was where they needed to be. When they couldn’t find their amenities, she called the case manager, yet again, to get in touch with the property manager to get information to them. Destiny went above and beyond for this member. She prevented service failure and secured the family’s housing for the night. She was empathetic, passionate, and dedicated to this member and their issues.

October 2017

Chase has been with our Sandy office since September 2017. He recently had 6 WOW!s submitted in one day! Each of these calls were routine calls from members to set up transportation or to ask questions about their benefits. All of the members asked to speak to Chase’s supervisor once their call was finished. Some of the words that members used to describe Chase were “patient, kind, personable, warm, welcoming, and outgoing.” One member said that she “didn’t feel like she was scheduling a trip and that she felt extremely confident in Chase”.

September 2017

Makayla is one of our newer CSR’s in the Sandy office. In the last week, she has been submitted for multiple WOW! moments. A few different members have asked to speak with Makayla’s supervisor once she has finished scheduling their trips. One member said “Makayala was so throughtful. She has great customer service skills and I can’t explain how amazing it was to speak with her.” Another went on to say “Makayla was so helpful and patient. It was so nice talking to her.” The members feel her sincerity and how caring she is.

August 2017

Darion has been with our Ronkonkoma office since January 2017. He recently set up a trip for a member who wanted to give Darion huge praises once they were done getting the trip set. The member asked to speak with Darion’s supervisor and said that he was “able to talk and explain everything in a way that I understood. He was awesome and so patient with me.” This member really appreciated the extra effort Darion put in to make her feel comfortable and to help her understand everything perfectly. The member sang his praises the whole time while on the phone with Darion’s supervisor.

July 2017

Stormy has been with the Sandy office since September 2016. She recently took a call from a members daughter who had some concerns about providers being able to carefully carry her mother down the stairs of her building. The daughter was comfortable with only one specific provider, and Stormy was able to get the trip scheduled with that provider. Stormy went above and beyond to help the daughter have confidence in us, as well as the provider. The daughter stated that “it seems like Stormy understood what we needed and that she really cares about my mother’s safety.” Stormy regularly gets member feedback about conveying empathy and assurance that member needs will be met and adequately conveys to providers needs of member so all are aligned.

June 2017

Danny has been with NMN since April 2016 and is the Transportation Experience Manager at the Centerlight PACE Flushing site. Danny called his manager yesterday, stating that there was a member who had left her house keys at the site and unfortunately the provider already dropped her off. Danny tried to call the member, but no one answered. Being extremely concerned, especially in the middle of a heat wave, Danny jumped in his car and drove all the way to the member’s house. When he arrived he found the member sitting outside on a bench. Danny definitely went out of his way to make sure the member was able to get inside her house and to make sure she was ok before he left!

May 2017

Lisette has been with the Sandy office since April. An elderly member recently called in and spoke with Lisette. This member was having trouble remembering and reading the information Lisette needed. Lisette didn’t lose her patience and made the member feel extremely comfortable while she communicated the details of her trip. The member said “Lisette was so wonderful, very helpful, and patient with me. I think she is simply pleasant and she’s an asset to your company. I’m glad I got to talk with her today. She’s a really sweet girl.” Lisette allowed this member to express herself without judgement and made her feel appreciated and valued in our company by showing compassion and patience with a member who was struggling with information. Lisette was able to show the member she could rely on NMN to provide empathetic service.

April 2017

Shu has been with the Queens office for five months. He received a call from a member who was extremely upset. The member was scheduled to be picked up with Lyft but the driver went to the wrong address. The member was nervous she was going to be stranded. Shu immediately got on the phone with the Lyft driver to find out exactly where he was and gave him directions to the member. Shu stayed on the phone with both the driver and member to ensure that the member got picked up. Shu was able to calm the member down and made her feel comfortable. The member expressed extreme appreciation for what Shu did for her that day.

February 2017

Christina has been with the Ronkonkoma office since October 2015. We received an email from a plan letting us know that one of our member had missed her doctor’s appointment the day before. The member also had an appointment that day, but was told we were unable to find a provider, so we had to cancel the trip. All of this information was forwarded to Christina to see if there was anything we could do about that day’s trip. After looking into it further, she stated that she could get it covered. Christina called the member and explained that she was able to get the trip covered if she still needed to go to the doctor. The member let Christina know that she had already cancelled her appointment, but that she needed to go if at all possible. That is when Christina took it upon herself to call the doctor’s office directly and got the members appointment rescheduled! She called the member back and she was extremely happy and grateful that she was able to make it to her appointment. Christina took full responsibility to ensure that the member was able to make it to her doctor’s appointment and the member was so appreciative of her.

March 2017

Sear has been with the Orem office since February. Sear received a call from a member that was close to cancelling his membership with the payer’s health plan because of a standing order issue that, unfortunately, hadn’t been resolved. After spending over 20 minutes on the phone with this member, Sear was able to get all the members concerns taken care of. Sear treated the member with “respect and dignity and was extremely helpful throughout the entire call”. Thanks to his attentive manner in handling the call, he also saved the member from terminating their service.

January 2017

Greg has been with the Ronkonkoma office for 10 months. This week Greg received a call from VNS following up on an upstate discharge that was supposed to be set up earlier that day. Greg looked into the details of the trip and found out it somehow the trip wasn’t covered by a provider. The discharge was supposed to take place at 5:00 pm and it was now 5:36 pm. Greg stayed passed his shift to get this trip covered and was able to do so with a different provider. The mode of transport (ambulance) is often times difficult to cover in the specific area that the member needed the discharge in. Greg used his incredible customer service skills and was able to successfully help a member who was waiting to get home.

December 2016

Ana has been with the Ronkonkoma office since April. Recently, a call was transferred to her supervisor after Ana helped a member set up a trip. The member wanted to tell Ana’s supervisor about her scheduling experience. She mentioned that Ana was “very professional and followed protocol beautifully”. The member stated that she normally gets a little anxious when she calls in for transportation but that Ana calmed all of her nerves and gave her an incredible experience. The member went on to say that Ana has “made her week”!

November 2016

Cody has been with the Sandy office since February, 2016. Cody received a call from a member who needed a trip scheduled for an early morning pickup the next day. Since Cody works the night shift and knows that there isn’t another member of his team in until 7 am, he set his alarm for 5:30 am. He wanted to track the Lyft trip, make sure that the driver was accepted, and that the trip was completed without any issues. He maintained contact with the driver and member until the trip was finished. Because this call came in for scheduling during Cody’s shift, he went above and beyond by setting an alarm and logging on from home, to make sure this trip went off without a hitch. Additionally, one of our health plan partners made mention of how impressive Cody’s dedication was.

October 2016

Mady has been with our Ronkonkoma office since March 2015 . A couple weeks ago a member called the Director of PACE and expressed concerns about getting to an important appointment last Saturday afternoon. The member let the Director know that she was thinking of disenrolling in the plan for various reasons. NMN asked that the member give them a chance to change her mind. Mady was asked to set up the trip and follow up with the vendor the day before (Friday). Not only did Mady follow up Friday, but she also called the Provider on Saturday morning to confirm the member was going to be picked up and was physically in the vehicle. Mady does not work on Saturdays and did this from home! She then texted the Director of PACE to let her know the member was picked up and on her way to he appointment! Mady went completely out of her way, on her own time to ensure this member got to her important medical appointment!

September 2016

Salvador has been with our Orem office for four months. He recently did an excellent job helping a coordinator set up a few trips after her member wasn’t picked up for one. She had already sent in a grievance for the missed pick up, but Salvador was able to answer her questions and help her understand the process that went along with the grievance. He then was able to get the other trips booked for the member. She mentioned that she has never received such incredible service from an agent and she thought he was extremely kind for staying on the phone and explaining the 48 hour policy that she wasn’t aware of.

August 2016
Yamarys Sanchez

Yamarys Sanchez has been in our Ronkonkoma office since May. Recently, she was highlighted by a case manager at a Senior Living Nursing Home in upstate New York. The case manager had been dealing with transportation issues for an Alzheimer’s patient for weeks. Yamarys took her time to listen and assist her with the trips that needed to be fixed instead of transferring her to another department. The case manager wanted to make sure we gave Yamarys the praise she deserves! Awesome job Yamarys! Congratulations on being the August WOW! Experience Highlight.

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